This is me!


Hello world!

So this is my very first Blog entry. Wow. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, seeing as I’ve been keeping diaries for years. My baby girl is having a long nap, so I decided to finally use the time to start up. I’m going to use this blog as I would a diary. I’m going to write about everything that is on my mind. A lot of my entries are going to be about my 5 month old, Sienna. She is wonderful and she amazes me every day, but I definitely think that motherhood is a time when, among other qualities, your patience, kindness and generosity are refined. I will also probably tell you many times how much I love Pinterest! I discovered Pinterest about a month ago and I already have about a thousand pins- and many new nail, fashion and hair ideas. Well, that’s about it for my first blog. Bye-bye.